About Me

Hello! My name is Patricia and I’m glad you are visiting my personal blog right now. Please spend a few minutes to read about me and my work abilities. Maybe you are exactly the person who will need my personal services.

I am currently a student at Colorado Technical University. My specialty is Software Systems Engineering, and I hope this would become a lifetime job for me. I am passionate about IT-sphere and its influence on our lives.

Unlike many other girls, in my early childhood, I didn’t spend much time with the dolls. I was always into computers and all this technical stuff. I happy to realize that nowadays there are a lot of opportunities to improve knowledge about IT, and then to imply it on practice.

While studying in the university I’ve already learned about software design and development, database systems, and a few programming languages. On this stage of education I realized that website development is my absolutely true love and I’m definitely into software testing. Having the latter course in university I am continuing to learn it by regular practicing. And I consider, I might soon become an expert in testing.

Reading the text above you could think, that I am a little bit fanatic programmer nerd. But I can assure you, I am as much a human as non-programmers are:)

In my free time, I prefer some extreme tourism. With the friends of mine, I usually explore mountains and forests all over the USA, but mainly in my native state Colorado.

On the weekends I usually do some baking. If one day I will quit IT, I would definitely bake homemade bread and open a little pastry-shop.

My contacts: [email protected] or 1 347 896 5483