The Features Battle: Apple iPhone XII vs. iPhone XI

2019-08-08 09:35

New iPhone release is always a big event in the tech world. Millions of people wait for it, watch the presentation online and make a pre-order to be among the first new iPhone owners. As usual, journalists are trying to learn some information before the Apple CEO shows the new model and tells about its features. And ta-da-da-dum! The new iPhone XI is expected to be released this fall. Of course, there are a lot of leaks and rumors about it. And what I found is that they are referred not only to iPhone XI but also to iPhone XII that will most likely be released in 2020 (but nobody knows exactly). According to rumors, the features of iPhone XI are not as exciting as those of iPhone XII. So, a dilemma occurs: whether it’s better to buy a new iPhone during the next several months but with a lack of options or wait one year and buy a much better iPhone XII. Let’s talk about it in detail. 

iPhone XI: Upgraded Camera, Three Models and More

As you remember, the 2018 line-up came with three models that were differentiated by the screen size. Apple developers decided to repeat this set. Hence, in 2019 line-up, you will see three iPhones with a 5.8-inch, 6.5-inch, and 6.1-inch OLED screens, respectively. Moreover, mobile phones will look exactly like their ancestors except for one difference — rear camera. The newly redesigned camera bump is larger and comes in the shape of a square. This camera will use a triple-lens mechanism instead of a two-lens that was used in the previous models. As a result, your photos and videos will have better quality. As said Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF International Securities, the new camera will include a 12-megapixel telephoto, wide-angle, and super wide-angle lens. The last one is a new addition.

What’s more, I’ve heard that they will use frosted glass for new iPhones will use. It still is unknown, though, if it's all just rumors or real intentions. Apple plans to remove a 3D Touch from the new iPhone and add new color palettes with lavender and green shades. Also, it is expected that the current battery will be replaced with the larger one, and A13 chip will be upgraded to keep the charge longer. The changes also concern Wi-Fi support, which promises to be much faster. 

iPhone XII: Completely New Design, Display 

Ok, now let’s dwell on iPhone XII. A lot is yet unknown here, but some things are already public (of course, without official confirmation as Apple does not comment about anything related to its non-released products). Compared to the 2019 model, the new iPhone will have a fully new design that is not similar to any of the iPhones. As for me, I really like to buy phones with new design patterns. Moreover, iPhone 2020 will come with a new display technology: the old LCD panels are expected to be replaced by new OLED panels. According to the recent Apple’s announcement, they’ve contracted with a new OLED display’s suppliers. 

And now about the camera. Of course, Apple is going to improve it. As an independent source claims, the company is planning to add a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor. With it, your camera will enable AR applications and 3D scanning. And last but not least, iPhone 2020 will allow you to enjoy the cutting-edge and fast 5G connectivity.

Which One Do You Choose? 

As you can see, iPhone XII will potentially have more exciting improvements than the upcoming iPhone XI. What do you think? Maybe you have some new information? And are you one of those who constantly follow all the Apple-related news and rumors? Do you wait for a new model? Share your opinion with me in the comments section below. It is so curious to know more because I really like their products, and I will appreciate you trying to keep me in the loop.

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