Top 5 Diet Apps For Your Phone

2019-06-25 10:25

Artificial intelligence develops quickly in various spheres of our life. For me, it's a big advantage that its features are used in applications on the iPhone and iPad. I like 5 AI diet apps for iPhone that can recognize products and calculate calories more accurately.


Mealviser application screenshots

This application will be useful either for those who want to lose weight or for those who just want to be healthy. It tracks how much calories, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates you consume every day. Also, Mealviser shows whether it's essential to drink more water.

First, it's necessary to enter such parameters as weight and height, so the application can give useful tips. After it, the service will define your main nutrition goals, and here you go!

With its help, it's also possible to track fitness activity. If something is incomprehensible, you can search for good advice in this service. For example, Mealviser has got some recommendations for eating out and for dieting.

I like that there can be found various recipes that suit every taste and budget. So, some products may be removed from the list, and you can see only appropriate meals. There can be found both vegan and high-protein diets. Mealviser has got a free version for a limited time, and then it will be necessary to pay money. I can only say that it's worth it.


FitGenie application screenshots

As developers of FitGenie claim it's not just an application for calculating calories. It was designed with the help of professional coaches and dietarians. They have created different nutrition plans for people with various goals.

I'm enthusiastic over the fact that there are no strict rules, saying that it's not allowed to eat sweets or something else. FitGenie's developers have produced an effective and not crash diet.

Nutrition plan may be changed if you begin to grow thin or vice versa. You can enter your weight and height so the application can send you special recipes every week.

I should admit that there are also a lot of different functions for tracking calories and other parameters. Additionally, it's possible to see how physically active you are. So, FitGenie is the application for those who don't want to begin crash dieting but desire to notice some results. The app has got a free trial, and then it will be necessary to subscribe for money.


FoodVision application screenshots

This application is advanced in AI technologies that's why I like it very much. You will only have to take a photo of the dish, and FoodVision will show what it is. Also, you will get full information about calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

The service recognizes more than 101 common foods, and this number always increases because developers never stop to work on this project. Of course, it's necessary to have a good-working camera on the device, or the application will be useless.

There is also an ability to look at past foods you have taken. Due to this feature, it's possible to analyze the consumption of different dishes. You may track either daily or weekly statistics. FoodVision is absolutely free of charge. So, if your budget is limited, you can enjoy the app and count calories every day.

Calorie Mama

Calorie Mama application screenshots

Calorie Mama is a perfect program for determination of calories in the dishes via photographs. In the full version there can be found useful functions for those who try to keep fit.

It is enough to take a picture of the plate in front of you. The application will independently determine the composition of its contents and will show the result in calories, using complex neural network algorithms.

Calorie Mama AI is able to recognize hundreds of dishes from Western and Eastern cuisines efficiently and is capable of learning. So, there always appear new recipes with additional information about them.

The premium version significantly expands the functionality of the application, allowing, in addition to calories, to determine the number of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and microelements in food, as well as develop a more flexible approach to diet management.

I like that the app includes various meal plans and recipes. So, there can be found Keto, Paleo, Vegan and other diets. It makes Calorie Mama useful for many people.


Frutolo application screenshots

Frutolo is the mobile application that can recognize fruits and vegetables and classify them by color, type, etc. It is very convenient for vegans and vegetarians.

Frutolo includes more than 80 types of fruit and vegetables that grow all over the world. There are provided full information about calories in them. In addition, it's possible to calculate the energy and nutrition that will be needed for the body during the day.

The app turned out to be very useful when I saw new tropical fruit in the shop. I wanted to buy it but hesitated a bit. Then, there appeared a thought in my mind that Frutolo could help. And it did because I decided not to buy that fruit because of a large number of calories.

It also appeals to me that it allows to switch to the fruit nutrition plan smoothly. So, it's not necessary to jump off the deep end. The app is free, but there are included in-app purchases. If you want to get expanded functionality, you should enter a subscription to it.

Take Advantage of all Apps

I want to notice that there's no ideal application for counting calories and tracking fitness activity. All of these services have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the situation what application I use. Anyway, if you follow the given advice, you'll notice good results.

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