How to Make a FaceTime Audio Call via Apple Watch

2019-07-31 18:20

FaceTime is a well-known way to communicate with your friends. It has a clear sound of a call and a full-HD quality of the video. The only condition — you have to have an iPhone, Mac, or iPad to use it. But it is not limited to only these devices. Few people know that you can do a FaceTime Audio call using your Apple Watch. Is that news for you? Ok, let's deal with it step by step. 

The Ways to Make FaceTime Calls With AppleWatch

AppleWatch is a smartwatch that connects to your iPhone and helps to manage it by sending the notifications, running apps, making payments, and much more other things. Also, the users can make calls with AppleWatch including FaceTime audio (not video). You can do it in three ways: 

  • Using Siri;
  • Using the Phone app;
  • Using the Messaging app. 

All ways are simple and do not take much time. Firstly, let’s elaborate on Siri. 

How to Make a Call with Siri?

“Siri method” is simple and straightforward. It includes only a couple of steps. 

  1. To activate Siri, you need to say wake up phrase — “Hey, Siri”; 
  2. Then, press and hold the multi-colored Digital Crown. If you use Siri watch face, you need to click Siri widget; 
  3. The last step is to say “FaceTime” and the name of a contact you want to make an audio call. 

Only three steps, a few seconds, and you will talk with your friend. Now, let’s consider the second way that allows you to make audio calls using the Phone app. 

How to Make a Call With the Phone app?

This way includes a little more action than the first approach. Firstly, you need to open the Phone app on the AppleWatch and select the Contact menu item. Then browse across all your contacts and select a friend you want to call. Tap on their name, and right after that, tap on the popped-up phone icon and select the FaceTime app. As you can see, this way takes more time, but it is convenient if you do not have the opportunity to talk with Siri. 

How to Make a Call With the Message app?

The last approach that allows you to make a FaceTime audio call is through the native Apple’s Messages app. This way is helpful if you have the recent messages thread with a friend you want to call now. It needs several actions from you:

  1. Click the multi-colored Digital Crown on the AppleWatch;
  2. Find and press the Messages app icon;
  3. Find the chat with a required contact; 
  4. Then, force touch on the screen;
  5. Click Details item and, after that, Phone icon;
  6. Choose and press FaceTime Audio. 

How to Answer the Incoming Call and End the Current? 

AppleWatch allows you not only to make FaceTime audio call but also to answer the incoming calls. If you see an incoming call, you need to click the green phone icon and to end the conversation tap the red phone icon. As you can see, this is not hard. But there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the user you want to call has the Apple device because FaceTime is a native app for Mac and iOS only;
  • You should make the calls in a quiet place because sound troubles may occur. 

FaceTime — the App that Covers all Apple Devices

As you can see, it is simple to make FaceTime audio calls with AppleWatch or through the Message app. Choose the way that suits you most and enjoy the conversations. And how often do you make calls via FaceTime? Do you use AppleWatch for this? Share in the comments below, it’ll be a pleasure for me to read your testimonials!

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