How to Use Apple iMessage with your Android Device?

2019-07-17 10:55

Apple Corporation is well known for its exclusive features they always add to their products. No matter what we are talking about, a phone or an app, it will always have something so unique and useful that Android users start to want it badly too. And this is exactly the case of iMessage: texting application with a whole bunch of cool stuff inside of it. The thing is that receiving messages is a very wide-spread act, but there is a slight difference between doing it on Android device, iOS or Windows.

What is iMessage?

iMessage app screenshots

So, iMessage is a native Apple app which allows you to message with your friends, send pictures, docs, and videos to each other, as well as to share your location. It is quite obvious that the original copy of this program is not available for Android owners. However, this system is used so widely that you just can’t ignore the needs of its users. And while native Android programs for messaging are still not so friendly-designed, this massive audience has to seek for alternatives. Luckily, Android is an open system, which means that there are a lot of free distributed tools which help you mimic or duplicate iOS messenger with different degree of success. Let’s become more familiar with some of these programs.


AirMessage app screenshots

AirMessage is another huge application which can make your Android phone able to duplicate iMessage interface. As you may guess from the name, this program applies similar messaging services used on iPhones, but for your Android device. All you have to do to use it is download the application itself from Google Play store, and download Javascript extension on your Mac. Just like in the previous case, we are dealing with a server-based service, which can redirect the messages on your Android device once everything is installed correctly.

And if you have installed everything properly, you can start using all the useful features of iMessage, e.g., attach pictures, vids, audios, and other files to send them to other users. Also, you can use the iMessage group chat option freely. You can browse through different available in-app themes and apply them for the needed chat. This feature also includes dark themes for nighttime. Believe me, all other useful things from iMessage could be found here, even read receipt and tap back options. You can attach stickers in your conversations, use various message effects, create new groups and chats, etc.


weMessage app screenshots

First application on our list is weMessage. This is not a separate messenger, but a server for Mac version of iMessage. Once you have set this program on your phone, be sure to install it in your Mac as well. When everything is set up, the app will transmit iMessage to your Android phone. All the features are included: from creating groups to attaching files in messages. You are free to use and customize your iMessage remotely with your Android phone, chat with your friends, send them funny stickers, and so on.

Note: Once you begin using one of such applications to transmit your iMessage to the Android phone, the program can use data from your phone. If you want to monitor this process, visit the Check Data Usage page in your Android settings.


iMessage is one of the greatest tools for exchanging various data with your friends, family members, and other users. It has a lot of exclusive features which are unavailable for the vast majority of Android users. However, those who know about the server-based services can forget about such restrictions. Get any of these two free-distributable applications and start using your iMessage right now. Also, please remember that you have to own a Mac to set everything up.

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