ByteDance, the TikTok-Parent, is Working on a Search Engine

2019-08-01 10:00

Several months ago, ByteDance, a popular Chinese company and the developer of the TikTok app, moved Uber aside and became the most valuable tech startup. And now they’ve announced the intention to develop their search engine. A brave claim, but what will it look like? 
Toutiao is Already Coming With a New In-built Search Engine

It is obvious that ByteDance is a new superstar in the technology world. And the huge success of the TikTop app has only confirmed it. For now, the worth of the company is $78 billion. To compare, Uber, which has reserved this place for the past few years, is valued nearly $72 billion.

Besides TikTok, ByteDance has plenty of applications with curious features. For example, the Toutiao (the system that makes personalized recommendations for users in China) has already had a search function inside it. As the company's spokesperson told to the TechCrunch, it is compatible with the mission of the application — “information creates value.” For now, the users can test this feature and write their feedback.

How does it work? The principle is very simple: it gathers and analyzes the information from two resources. The first one is the content on Toutiao, and the second one is the entire Internet. It is easier to parallel the ByteDance search option with the search function that WeChat uses than with popular search engines such as Google or Baidu.

Changing the Way People Think About Search Engine

ByteDance logo

The center idea behind the function implementation is to change the way people think about the search engine as well as the way they use them. And, as for me, China is the right market to add new functionality to the apps because of the huge popularity of WeChat and TikTok. 

It is obvious that the company shows their intention to enter the market of search engines and shape it. And this intention became even more obvious after ByteDance published the official recruitment post on the WeChat platform. According to it, the goal is to have “hundreds of millions of mobile users in China.” By the way, if you have any related experience and a desire to work in this company, you can apply for the position. ByteDance claims that they have already hired people from Google, Bing, and Baidu. The LinkedIn listings have more than 100 people that had the experience developing search engines in these companies and now work in ByteDance. 

How Does it Shape the Chinese Search Engine Market? 

Today, Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. It holds more than 75%. On the second place, there is Microsoft’s Bing. You may not know that but Google does not offer a search function in China. And my question is: “Is it possible to compete with such big corporations to get the market share? What are the chances of success for Byte Dance's search engine?” Share with me your thoughts in the section for comments provided below. I will read it and leave feedback. 

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