Siri to Become More Open to Outside Apps

2019-10-02 10:10

After a long swath of limiting iPhone and iPad fans to its own applications, Apple is finally going to allow Siri to utilize third-party messaging apps by default. This year, the tech giant is reportedly planning an important software update for Siri after which such applications as Skype and WhatsApp will be actively used by Apple’s digital assistant. That being said, Siri will take into account your preferences and default to the messaging services you most frequently use. 

Good News: Siri is Getting Smarter

As of today, when you ask Siri to message or call someone from your contact list, the system automatically refers to Apple’s Phone or iMessage applications. If you intend to get in touch with a friend using Skype or WhatsApp, for instance, you have to expressly say the names of those applications out loud for Siri to get the message. 

When the Siri software update comes into play, the voice assistant will default particularly to the apps of your preference, i.e. the ones you like using when communicating with your contacts. For example, if you always message your friends via Skype, Siri will use Skype instead of Apple’s iMessage by default. 

In other words, the refreshed and a-lot-smarter Siri will choose which messaging application to use by studying your communication background with specific contacts. Later in 2019, the update and the perks it comes with will focus on phone apps for calls as well. According to Bloomberg, to make the best out of the upgraded Siri possibilities, individual app companies will need to modernize their systems. 

What Stands Behind Siri’s Flexibility

We all know that Apple is famous for promoting its own applications over outside apps in the App Store. Why would the tech behemoth suddenly loose reins on third-party messaging and phone apps? The thing is, Apple is subject to heightened scrutiny over its possible manipulative practices regarding online competition. 

The US House Judiciary Committee has even initiated an antitrust investigation into the details of Apple’s competition practices with other, less powerful developers. In response to these highly unfortunate happenings, Apple altered its App Store search strategies to increase the visibility of outside apps and make its own services less dominant.

What are your thoughts on the soon-to-be-updated Siri? Do you think that the new system will be technically better than the current one? Considering the fact that the update doesn’t address the Music default app, do you think it’s going to be useful enough? What are your thoughts on Apple’s reportedly manipulative actions on the App Store scene? Feel free to add your two cents in the comment section below. I value your opinion greatly. 

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