Switching Mobile Operator via SMS: Full Guide

2019-07-09 17:20

Till this date, all mobile phone customers were obliged to contact their existing provider if they want to switch for other company services. This led to an annoying conversation with the operator, who always tried to convince you to stay with their company instead. However, the situation has slightly changed recently.

How to switch a mobile phone provider with ease?

All mobile customers now have a chance to switch their provider just with the help of a single text message. Such changes became possible with the help of telecoms regulator Ofcom that created and introduced new rules for switching the mobile operator services. Doing so, the regulator wants to lessen the hassle for all mobile customers around.

In the statement, Ofcom mentioned that 2.5 million people experienced at least one major issue while trying to switch their provider, and seven out of 10 met some kind of difficulties. Also, the regulator promised that these changes would allow all the customers to choose how many contacts they have with their providers. This should prevent mobile operators from delaying the switching process.

But how exactly the switching process works now?

How does the “text to switch” system work?

The “text to switch” system is the new system that UK mobile phone providers are obliged to implement. From 1 July 2019, all the customer’s code requests (such as PAC or cancellation codes) have to be fulfilled immediately. These codes can be used within 30 days after the request was sent.

If you decide to leave, providers can’t charge you for a notice period which begins after the date you’ve switched the services.

How to use the “text to switch” system?

As a mobile operator customer, now you can text one of two memorable shortcodes, which are the same for all providers and have to be responded immediately. The only difference between these codes for you is that one of them keeps your old phone number while another switches your phone number to a new one.

You can see such codes listed below:

  • type “PAC” and send this SMS to 65075 (if you want to keep your current number and change your contract);
  • type “STAC” and send it to 75075 number (if you want both your mobile number and contract to be changed);
  • type “INFO” and send it to 87075 (if you want to find out additional info about your current contract).

The response will be received in the form of SMS text. It should contain important information about handset costs, early termination charges, and any other extra mobile phone charges.

The above-mentioned codes will be valid for one month. As a customer, you can give them to a new provider to create a new account, which has to be switched within one working day according to new rules.

Note: Business entities will receive switching codes within two working days.

How much can I save using the new switching program?

As it was said previously in this article, new rules were created to allow customers more freedom and cut various unnecessary costs. According to the statistics, UK mobile consumers could save up to £10 million a year by using the new switching program. What is more important, these rules bury the possibility of awkward conversations with providers.

Customers still have an option to call their operators if they want to negotiate a new deal for their services. But if you just want to change your contract, you don’t have to go through the painful process of speaking with support personnel that makes all the efforts to persuade you to stay.

However, you still have to call your new mobile operators if you want to give them the STAC or PAC code for the switch.

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