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Weather Underground: Forecasts

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Avail accurate and timely weather forecasts on Weather Underground app that utilizes a unique concept for procuring weather & climate data. If you are stepping out of your place, you should be aware of the weather conditions. Set up instant notifications so that you are aware of the live weather forecasts. Weather Underground is reliable because it operates with the assistance of community members, radar estimates, satellite maps, and other reliable technologies. 
Weather Underground has established weather stations at the community members’ places. This assures that you get accurate weather information in your area. There is a provision of crowd-sourced data as well. The app users can update the latest weather updates so that others can avail benefits. These features, along with other aspects, make Weather Underground a distinguishable utility in this segment.

Interface 10/10

Weather Underground: Forecasts has a beautifully designed interface with a pretty nice color scheme of black and blue. The interface is simplified. Thus it should be understandable for any user. There is a plenty of various windows and blocks available, but when opening the app, you see at first the tab with your location, current conditions of the weather and a small panel at the top.

This panel has four different buttons: the left one is for settings, then a searching line, one for editing your geo position and the last one for sharing options. If you scroll the tab a little bit down, you can see the detailed weather for the day. But if you need a future weather info, just swipe the tab and go to the next one.
There is an integral map available with a few options for a view. You can find a tab with the information about sunrises and sunsets, one with air conditions, with other users’ messages about some unexpected weather changes or situations. The app’s widgets also look pretty nice. You can see with them all the needed information on the half-visible background. 

Functionality 10/10

Instead of ruining your plans, you should get familiar with current weather updates on the Weather Underground app. Due to the presence of multiple weather stations; you can expect accurate weather status. The local weather attributes include temperature, wind speed, humidity, visibility, wind direction, and so on. In addition to this, you can check out 10-days forecasts on an hourly basis. The additional commentary discusses weather conditions in detail. 
As per your convenience, you can switch between forecasts on demand and NWS forecast. Tune in to National Weather Service (NWS) Radio to get latest weather updates. For health conscious people, the Health Tile enables them to monitor air quality index, UV risk, local flu outbursts, and so on. You can feed a location in the app or select it while traversing on the map. The animated representation of weather behavior intimidates information in an engaging manner. 
Sometimes, technological equipment can produce inaccurate results. The crowd reporting feature actually helps in determining the accurate weather conditions. Whether its sky reports or hazard reports like damaged roads; you can rely on Weather Underground app for availing detailed information. Customizable home widgets can be placed on screens to get updates without visiting the app. 

Ease of Use 10/10

Gone are the days when you were unable to predict future weather conditions. But nowadays, with the assistance of apps like Weather Underground, you can check weather conditions before stepping out. As the app is capable of furnishing future weather reports, you can plan future events accordingly. 
The interactive map displays information for both nearby and faraway places. The customizable widgets are beneficial as you can place them on the screen as per your convenience. Even if you forget about the weather updates, instant notifications will pop up to convey the message. 

Final Opinion

Weather Underground has a wide network of weather stations. These stations are located at close proximities. You can locate these on the map so that you can determine the precise weather conditions at a particular location. The crowd reporting feature ensures you don’t get digressed with wrong weather updates. The app displays advertisements. But you can make an in-app purchase to install an ad-free version of Weather Underground. Initially, the app interface might appear confusing. With regular usage, you will get accustomed to the app functioning. Weather Underground app is available for smartphones and tablets powered by iOS and Android OS.

Avail accurate and timely weather forecasts on Weather Underground app that utilizes a unique concept for procuring weather & climate data. If you are stepping out of your place, you should be aware of the weather conditions. Set up instant notifications so that you are aware of the live weather...

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  • Beautifully designed interface
  • Provides with lots of information
  • Saves your searches and favorites
  • Lets you choose the data source


  • Annoying ads
  • Not all locations show the correct weather

Interface 10

Features 10

Usability 10

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